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 rulles are there to folow if you jion pib

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PostSubject: rulles are there to folow if you jion pib   Sat Aug 11, 2007 12:20 pm

1. PIB is an honorable clan, and all members of the clan are representatives and for the clan wherever they play. You will treat fellow clan members and guests on the server, IRC, and forums with respect. Arguments, name calling, and the like will not be tolerated. If someone outside the clan insults you, you should not retaliate and do it back to them.

2. Cheating of any form will not be tolerated. This is not just limited to botting. Cheating includes using skin/radar/wall/speed hacks, intentionally using packet loss or a high ping to gain an advantage, or abusing map glitches, among other things. Punishment for cheating will be swift and severe.

3. The only time multiclanning is allowed, is when you play another gametype ( ons,tam ). Also if you joined pib to play a specified gametype (ctf,dm) and you are already in another clan for the other gametype. Exeptions can be done on a short time basis to play cup with another clan but only if PIB is not playing in that cup and if you talked to the management first.

4. PIB is not a highly competitive clan -- the goal is to have fun. Members are allowed to play in scrims (practice matches) or ladder/league matches, of course on a rotating basis. Clanleaders and/or Captains has to take in consideration that some players just play one game type. Choosing a fixed "starting lineup" or not allowing all clan members equal opportunity to play is not allowed. Chances you will be picked to play increases when you play much in publics and/or practices. Also an exception can be made for Cup games.

5. If you are angry or upset at someone else, walk away from the situation and wait until you are calm before responding. If anyone insults you or upsets you, tell a clan leader. Do not keep things to yourself and hold a grudge, as this only makes problems worse later. Remember that most problems like this are misunderstandings and are not intentional.

6. Unsportsmanlike conduct is not allowed. Do not refuse to capture a flag, trash talk, or make fun of less skilled opponents. We do enjoy some good natured ribbing in private clan practices. At the end of a map, it is customary to say "gg" (good game). If you are frustrated (teams very uneven, etc.) -- just don't say anything.

7. Keep complaining and whining to a minimum. We understand that people need to vent sometimes, but when it gets excessive, it creates a negative atmosphere. Everyone has a bad game now and then and there will be lag sometimes.

8. Do not swear excessively on the server, IRC, or forums. Racial slurs, vulgar language, or other offensive behavior will not be tolerated.

9. Installing Teamspeak is required. (current voice communication program, Teamspeak can be replaced by Ventrillo for example)Exeptions can be made after talking to Clan Leaders and/or Captains.

10. Don't spam in the server, IRC or forums.

11. The leaders have a tough job running the clan and challenges to their authority prevent them f rom doing their jobs. If you have a legitimate point to make, do it respectfully.

12. If you quit PIB, or once you've been kicked out of PIB, you may return to the clan if and only if the Clan leaders approve. Clan leaders will consider all circumstances and evidence on a case-by-case basis when making a decision.

13. Rule violations will be discussed among clan leadership. Violation of any rule may result in membership termination. The clan leaders will take all evidence and circumstances into account and decide the punishment for rule violations. Interpretation of the rules is at the sole discretion of the clan leaders.

14. Keep name changes to a minimum. If you want to permanently change your nickname, post the change in the Clan Area of the forums so that everyone knows. Use the clan tag with your normal nickname in clan practices and scrims. If you want to play somewhere and not have people recognize you, take the clan tag off and change your nickname to something other than your normal name. NEVER wear another clan's tag, and do not change your name if you have the clan tag on.

15. Hanging out in IRC is required ! Captains set the team in IRC so if you want to participate in wars this is a must. Members of other clans hang out in our IRC channel, so this is a great way to talk with others and organize practice matches (scrims).

16. If you are inactive for a longer period inform the mannagement. If you dont you can be removed from CB.

17. Clan Leaders and/or Captains cant be around at all times if they are not then we expect other penguins to take care of the situation and to do their best for the Clan.

18. iF you doint folow the rulles what we make, Then if we see it or hear it from PIB players then you will be get a red card

1 red card = 1 week no war's
2 red card's = 2 weeks no war's
3 red card's = kick from clan

The PIB Management Ambi,Brutal,reallife
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rulles are there to folow if you jion pib
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