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 WoW vs SWG

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PostSubject: WoW vs SWG   Sat Feb 03, 2007 12:26 am

some time back me and my bro had discusion witch game is beter so wot u think guys
this post was orginaly made by me and my bro on sd forum

PostPosted: Mon, 25 Sep 2006, 2:19 Post subject: SW vs WoW Reply with quote

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Iím doing this post as every time I ask somebody who play WoW what his doing I get all the time same answer killing boss or waiting for group of players for 2 hours so they can go kill boss ( omg for me this sound boring ) . My question is are you guys doing anything else except killing boss and what WoW make bigger success from Star Wars Galaxies.

To get answer from WoW players I will try to describe SW for you so you can tell me what SW donít have that WoW have.

I have 2 characters in SW Jedi lvl 76 ( 14 to go for me as 90 its max) and Trader, so I can definitely tell you what you can do by playing with this 2 profession.
There are few profession in SW:
-Bounty hunter
-Trader, this profession split into 4 professions
A) domestics
B) structures
C) munitions
D) engineering

SW have 4 sequels:

Star Wars Galaxies- this first part will let you play SW on almost all planets but to travel between them you will have to use public transport.

Jump to the light speed- take you into space and give you very long quest in space so you can become ace pilot.

Rage of the Wookiees- let you go to kashyyyk and give you lots of new quests.

Trials of Obi Wan- this part its for funs of KOTOR as open for players another planet with new 50 missions, and you can find out what did happen with HK-47 and finally you can kill him, this was at list what I did want to do in KOTOR, and you can chose your path to go with Obi-Wan and be good or kill him and be on dark side.

So as we can see to get full advantage of SW you need to buy 4 games or you can wait and on 24 October its coming out SW Galaxies the Complete online adventures.

Lets start from combat its not like in all RPG games, but it work like in any first or third person shooter so if you see somebody with 10 lvl more this donít mean he will win with you, if you have faster fingers and you use your powers in right order you can win, my record its having lvl 71 and I did win with lvl 90 but at the same time having lvl 68 I did lost with player having lvl 48 so this make game more fun.
My brother its killing dragons lvl 90 having lvl 26 so you can see lvl its not everything.

With Jedi you have few big quests firs one will take you to lvl 46-50 so its very long quest and not many players are manage to finish this quest, after you finish you will become hero ( I know as Iím hero and many players are asking me how I did this as now above me they see sign Hero of Corelia special forces, about 1% of players have this badge so it cool to have it) all missions will take you thru everything so you will kill hunt investigate and do lots of different things ( not only killing bosses) after you get to lvl 90 you will have steal lots of badges to get and places to see. But to become thru jedi master you will need to find player with lower lvl and ask him to be your apprentice if he agree you become his master and you will need to help him with getting to lvl 90 after he reach this lvl he will need to finish few special tasks and then you will take him to arena, if he mange to win with you he will become jedi or sith master ( depend on who you are if you are sith he become sith ) and you become ex-sith master. But to get to this point you will need like a year.


My character its trader- structure, as you can get from this I can make and build any structure ( houses factories, hospitals, garages mining facilities, furnishers, starships etc.)
Higher lvl you get more you can make and more people( boots) you can employ to sale your stuff in your shop. To make stuff, I need resource and this is not easy to get as there are many different tape from water to steel like in real life ( if I wont to make leather sofa I will need leather iron etc.) and because I can have limited numbers of mining facilities it take time and even more time to find good quality resource.
Trader are one of most important profession in this game ( in my opinion ) with out him jedi would never have better light saber as he will need resource and equipment to build one, everybody want to have house to keep all stuff they find or earn, but the most important I can make building so players can build cities (so every server will have different cities as players will build them in different locations and name them differently)

This are basics of this game but you can do everything you can in real life, you can dance, kiss, go for a drink, go to nightclub, get marry, organize party with fireworks etc.

In my opinion this is very good game with good graphics and I canít have graphics set to max so what you see on this screenshots its not best you can get. ( I would like to play this on Wrath system graphics must be amazing)
If you thing you would like to try this game you can get 10 days trial demo from here: just keep in mind that trial its only on one space station and you would never get light saber there or anything cool.

This is galactic every planet have lots of cites and its growing every day as players are building new cities and expanding existing once.
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PostSubject: Re: WoW vs SWG   Sat Feb 03, 2007 12:29 am

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WoW vs SWG
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